wanna don’t know

Survivor, or saviour —
that’s the question. Or isn’t it?

A blend of old skool new wave, contemporary retro synths,
acoustic drums and machines.





big on the outside

Intuition is great. But what you see
isn’t always what you get.

A poppy song about the deeper
individual that lives behind each facade.





synthetic world

Instant satisfaction for everyone. Brought to you
by evil corp and a.i.

An attempt to circumvent
the rhythmic grids,
on a bed inspired by latin
and retro edm elements.





puppet show

How to interpret a world
of alternative facts, promises,
perception management and pr?

1980s new waveish popsong. A live registration?





please care

If you don’t care,
please reconsider.

Uptempo synthpop.
Analogue artefacts.





the solution

I had this dream,
where all was clear.
Thought I would remember
next morning.

Sounds from the dawn
of pop music.





me keep in touch

Where to look for yourself?

Funky synthpop with a trancendental interlude.






undo robot
feat. Jazzuci*

The planet Mars is at least
54.6 million km from here.
Ai assistance appreciated.

An edm crossover radio play.






The Jazzuci-album Een Soort Elastiek
is also available on the platfoms.



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